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Please try and submit your orders as listed below.  We will confirm your order.  If you do not receive timely confirmation please call us.  Thank you.

Subject Line:  New Order for:   Your Name

Then please include in the body:

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Your delivery address and apartment (and/or home/billing address if different)
  3. Your contact phone number(s)
  4. Your email address
  5. Specify for Delivery or Pick-up at our store
  6. Your preferred delivery or pick-up date (time if important)
  7. Your payment method:  House account, credit card, cash or check

Please then list the items you would like to order:  Specify the quantity first then the item.  It helps if you list raw meats and poultry first, then prepared food and fully describe the items to minimize errors.

Tip !   Save a draft of email orders so you only have to edit the date and items.

* If you are picking up your order, please wait for us to call or email that it is ready.

* Please delete any earlier correspondence so we can quickly print your order.


Fischer Bros. & Leslie


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