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Kashruth is the highest priority at Fischer Brothers and Leslie. Our entire store and all products have been under the continuous strict supervision of the Orthodox Union of Rabbis (OU) for many years. 

All of our meats are traibored and soaked and salted under the supervision of our full-time Mashgiach Temidi. Only Glatt kosher meat is used and all meats are "koshered" within 72 hours.

All ingredients in our cooked foods are checked by the Mashgiach to make sure they meet the highest of Kashruth standards in accordance with Orthodox Union policies. If you have any questions regarding Kashruth please call us.

While many of our homemade products are vegetarian, it is important to understand that our kitchen is set up predominantly for meat processing. While consuming our vegetarian items will not make you "fleishig," they should not be served with dairy plates or utensils.

Several of our products are handled completely separate from all meat items and have separate food preparation utensils. These include both our raw and baked salmon fillets and our homemade gefilte fish. These items may be considered parve.

Our challahs and all baked goods are also parve.