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As a custom full service kosher butcher we need to fully understand your purchasing requirements.  Since all items are cut and wrapped to your specific requests this creates some special circumstances for on-line ordering.  Most importantly for many items, we do not know the exact weight* until we prepare your order.  For those of you who wish to bill your order directly to your credit card for each purchase, we will provide an estimate at check out but your card will not be billed until the order is complete.

Customers who elect to bill orders to their Monthly House Account will receive an itemized invoice with each purchase and will receive a statement with our newsletter at the end of each month reflecting all purchases and payments.  You may receive your statement by regular mail or email.  We prefer payment by check but if you have a strong preference to use a credit card for your monthly account, please call us upon receipt of your statement and we will bill the credit card of your choice at the end of each month.  We ask that you keep your account current on a monthly basis.  Our system will post a finance charge to balances that are more than 60 days past due ($2 min.or 1.5% monthly).  We pride ourselves on personalized service and we can adjust any finance charges as appropriate.

 *Fresh meats and poultry are weighed, priced and then trimmed to your preference.  For certain items there will be a significant difference between the trimmed (net) weight and the amount you are billed.  This is most notable for Rib Steaks, Rib Roasts, other chops and roasts, particularly “Baby” Rib Lamb Chops which may lose as much as 50% if you have requested full trimming.

If you feel there has been an error in your billing please call us!  Mis”steaks” can happen and we want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase :)  Thank you!

Fischer Bros. does not share your account information or email with anybody.  We do maintain your credit card information (but not the security code) and make every effort to protect your information.  If you have any concerns regarding account security please contact us to discuss.