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There was a time before credit cards and debit accounts when Fischer Brothers started the practice of house accounts for our many regular customers. This was a convenience allowing us to make deliveries without collecting payment. Today this tradition persists, though some of you may still recall the days when statements were written each month by hand.

It is simple to establish a house account. Simply provide us with your billing information! Orders will be delivered with an itemized bill. You can pay as you go or wait to receive a statement at the end of the month with our newsletter and then mail in payment. Our only request is that you keep your account current from month to month.
There are many advantages to having a house account. Since we do not accept credit cards in the store, a house account allows us to deliver without collecting payment. It also allows family members or employees to make purchases and you get the benefit of receiving our newsletter (also posted to the web) with holiday information, recipes and more.

Most importantly, having a house account establishes you as our customer! We take care of you! We keep track of your preferences, how you like your meat prepared or wrapped and other special needs. Wouldn't it be nice if someone called you when your favorite cut was on sale, or remembered that you need the skin removed from your chicken. We have been serving many of our customers through three and even four generations and welcome you to become a member of our family.