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Passover Information: First Seder, Friday evening, April 19th

Please note:  On-line ordering is not available for Passover.

In order to properly prepare your order we need to speak with you directly.  Please call us to place your holiday orders.  You may view all of our fresh meat and poultry products on our regular website.  For prepared foods, please use the link to our Passover Prepared Foods Menu.

Please try to place your Passover orders by Tuesday, April 2nd.  Thanks!!

We will be open on Sunday, April 14th from 9 AM to 5:00 PM. We will be closed the following Friday, April 26th for the last days of Passover and close early on Thursday, April 25th at 3 PM.  We will be open during Chol Hamoed, Monday, April 22nd through Thursday, April 25th.  See our Holiday Calendar below. 

As usual we ask that you plan ahead and place your orders early.  For the best selection try and take delivery of meat items (and poultry if you have room in your freezer) by Wednesday, April 10th. You may place a separate order for prepared foods for delivery the next week.

PLEASE NOTE:  We will be Koshering the store for Passover on Sunday, March 31st so all of our foods will be Kosher for Passover as of Monday, April 1st.

Ordering Tips:  Please write down your order before calling and keep a record of what you have ordered and when you are expecting delivery.  Additions and changes are welcome but please try to consolidate any changes and call us several days in advance to avoid errors.